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Community and 501c Charity Facebook Page Blocking

Is there anything one can do if your blocked from a public Community Facebook page and Public Community 501C page, their fundraising events and ability to purchase tickets to events. I've never committed on their pages nor made negative comments about them on other Facebook pages. I believe this is being done due to interpersonal issue someone has with me. One they haven't addressed and this is prohibiting me from donating and participating in public events. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Hi Brystle,

Have you tried to contact the organisation through their public domain? If they are a 501 organisation they will have direct contact streams outside of Facebook, so you should be able to make contact with them.

You can report the group to Facebook admin, but groups on Facebook are self-moderated and generally don't have to give a reason, or answer to Facebook regarding who they block or why. If you need more advice on this, please email our advisor team at [email protected]
From my experience these group pages are hard to get back into unless you know someone in the group who could contact the admin account to ask if the block can be taken off. To be honest though, if the group is not fairly run then you would be better off contacting the organisation directly.