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I have recently moved to a new area about a year ago. And this year I have had so many problems with the school from cussing my child out to making other kids bully her. I have call all the way up to the state board and nothing is being dune except them being meaner to her. I need advice on who I can speak to.
Hi Mallory, this can be really frustrating, especially when the school is unresponsive or seems to not take you seriously. As I understand, all schools have a legal duty of care over our children and this includes bullying, which can ruin a child's education as well has impacting on their mental and physical wellbeing. You could also find some support from parent groups/associations connected with the school, or from other parents who have had similar challenges at this school.
You will also find that local police services work with schools to address social issues, so you may find it useful to ask you local police service for advice as well. If you have concerns that your child's safety is at risk then it would be appropriate to talk to the police.
This is hard to face alone, especially if you are new to the area. It may be a good idea to get involved with any parent/teacher groups to see how you can work with the school to improve the situation for you daughter, and any other child who is being targeted. You could well find other parents who have been through similar experiences that would want to help improve things.
I think Jazz has got a point about talking to the police. They often have links with local schools and may be able to offer advice or even some form of intervention on your behalf?