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Bullying is an ongoing problem within the world where others physically, mentally, or socially harm someone for numerous reasons; which may include: their appearance, their way of acting, even their beliefs. With a percentage of 41.7% of students getting bullied in a classroom, and 33.6% of students getting bullied in the hallway, there are many reasons why there should be more protection for students while they're in school. One being, that by having more protection for students in school, it ensures that each student is safe and feel comfortable while they are learning, and have a more efficient day whilst being in class. They wouldn't have to be afraid of what may happen to them during school, and they it would positively affect their physical and mental behavior, as well. Adding on to this, if there were more protection, more students will want to come to school with a peaceful set of mind, knowing they will always be safe, and experiencing many new things while gaining their education. Bullying isn't different than cyber bullying, either. While it is different in a way where there isn't any physical interactions between the people, there still are mental and social bullying. Cyber bullying is when people bully someone else online, and excluding them from conversations, saying hurtful things to them, etc. Many people who undergo bullying and/or cyber bullying may have headaches, stomachaches, stress, depression, and can even become suicidal. If schools added more protection for students, they may also notice the students who use social media and are either being cyber bullied, or are the cyber bully them-self, and do something about it and more students will be safe while being on the internet as well.
Hi Ali,

You're spot on with this. Bullying is such a huge problem on and offline. Schools have a duty to keep students safe and free from bullying and most of them now pay more attention to what is going on online as well what is going on in school. Let's hope that this continues.