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bully edited their posts - should I delete mine?

I was on a social media group and disagreed with a comment. I did it in a nice way. She wouldn't let it go and kept twisting my words and at one point I was called a pseudo animal lover and pro vivisection! I was really hurt and at that point snapped. I had stood up for myself, she was very young and I mean that really nicely, but even that got tisted. Then before I realised it she had complained to admin and his many devout followers and edited her posts so I ended up sounding really nasty but apart from the last comment when I ashamedley admitt to calling her stupid (I was to say it but was about 30 comments down the line where all words were badly twisted). Anyway now a hate campaign to which I can't reply as left the group. lots of gloating and making an example of me. it keeps coming up on timeline despite fact left group and can't block group - tried. Should i now delete my comments as they are making me look bad now she has edited her provoking comments? I've been in floods about this I feel bad and ashamed I bit at one point and embarrassed too embarrassed to go out because it was a public group. never had this before and no idea how to handle it. I'm normally a really compassionate person and i relly care about everything
Hi Giselle,
If you can delete the comments then do so. You should be able to block any account or group on social media. Here is some info about how to do this -

I know how mob bullying like this can make you feel, but don't worry. Put it behind you and move on, honestly no-one cares about what bullies say and they are just that, bullies. The more they attack you, the more they look like bullies. Just don't respond to them in any way. Like we say, 'don't feed the trolls', LOL!

Make sure you talk about how you feel with someone you trust, family or friend and don't ever feel like this is your fault, it's not.

Remember, you can always contact a Cybersmile advisor at [email protected]

Take care, we are always here for you. xx