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Blue whale challenge

There is something happening in the technology world, worse than cyberbullying, I'll call it 'cyberterrorism' or something like that.

A game called Blue whale, mobile game that once you install it, it can't be deleted and it will gain all your personal information, locations, numbers EVERYTHING! It is not on play store, some of the creators message you, or call you on phone to get the game. Don't accept that call, nor accept installing the game. The game has 50 day challenge where every day it makes you harm yourself, in the end it forces you commit suicide. If you don't follow their rules, they threaten you, because they have all your personal information.

Nobody knows if this is fake or real. But if anyone encounters this, be aware. A friend of mine created the opposite of this in instagram, calling it Pink whale, and it teaches others to practice positivity. @pinkkwhale is the username.

Stay safe everyone!
Pink Whale :))) Love it, what a great idea.
I don't know much about the blue whale site, but I know there is a lot of dark stuff out there which we would be better off without. I'm pleased that your friend has created a more positive choice!
Blue Whale is not a site, more of a 'group' that exist on social media. The group targets young people who are emotionally troubled or seeking attention through self-harming. This kind of behaviour is linked with teen depression and young people are attracted to the group to feel 'included' or 'wanted'. I understand that it started in Russia and such groups are now being investigated by Russian authorities. It has been linked to a number of teen suicides and now the Russian government have approved legal action so that encouraging young people to harm themselves online now carries a six year prison sentence. I would strongly urge any young person who is depressed or having self-harming thoughts to get professional help or join groups online that support the mental well being of young people. Blue Whale is not a solution!
OMG, thanks for posting this! I will pass the word in my network about it. Many thanks.
@pinkkwhale is still going strong in Instagram, and every day they post quotes (just like cybersmile does) about staying positive and give some positive tasks to do like: writing 10 things you love about yourself, going out for a walk in the nature, switching off etc.

Blue whale is finally stopped, and that's a good thing it finally ended. No more threads of it, it's totally fine. @pinkkwhale should go more popular and help anyone who is going through hard days (they are a group of young artists who run this page), you can even contact them for anything. I know the young artists that run @pinkkwhale, they are my friends, and they really want to spread kindness over all the world. Perhaps cybersmile got a rival *sarcastic tone*
Wow! That is fantastic news Wanesite, thanks for the update and well done for creating such a positive community.
Hi everyone
i have come across this this thread by chance i dont know if its any use to anyone but i just read a really good blog post about the blue whale challenge on the cybersmile website it was really interesting to read