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Bitstrips has shut down

I'm just curious about if someone has ever heard of this brilliant creative web site, that shut down 2 months ago (I think). This web site was about creating comics of cartoony version of themselves and their friends, but not just comics, some used it for writing stories or creating art masterpieces. This site didn't even contain bullies, even if last days it wasn't very moderated, but everyone I met there was nice. I tried to promote and spread the word about Cybersmile there.

Good things didn't last long. One day a message appeared that Bitstrips is going to shut down. The truth behind this was that Bitstrips sold their site to Snapchat for 100million$ and they did this just for money. Now all that is left from that site is a mobile app called Bitmoji, but it isn't as good as the actual Bitstrips was. Bitstrips was popular on Facebook mostly.

Has anyone ever heard of Bitstrips? There is a petition made for it to return it back, but still nothing new about it.
That is sad! :-(
So now all we have got from that site, are some files of the comic builder and character maker. But they don't work. When I open them there's a message saying: "Error loading the file". It's okay if the site isn't there, because there is a way to restore the comics through a new site, but not these two files. There's a server 'barrier' that makes it not possible these files to work, and that's why hacking it is the only way, making it possible to work by restoring older versions or something like that.

Only if anyone could make it work...