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Being cyberbullied on Reddit?

Yesterday I posted a question on a writing subreddit on the app Reddit. I asked a question about how to write a specific character for a story I'm writing.
Someone commented "based on the phrasing of your question I can tell this is not going to go well at all. "
They're calling me a bad writer.
I blocked the account once but I think they are making new accounts and keep commenting because I am still receiving cruel comments on my post.
Its making me depressed and anxious. I'm scared. What should I do?
Hi Gothbaybat,
You have nothing to be scared about, it's just an opinion that does not mean anything. These people don't know you so try not to take it personally and just block users who annoy you or delete their comments. If you want some more in depth advice on this I would contact the advisors on [email protected] and they will help you. I don't use Reddit so i'm not too sure what tools they have to handle abusive or bullying users.
Hope this helps in some way, take care, stay strong and don't worry, this will go away eventually and you will be OK, bullies only hang around for so long, just don't talk to them, its what they want.
Reddit is not the best place to open yourself up to judgement on anything artistic. It is too full of trolls and the admin/mods are powerless to take action unless there is hate speech or threats involved. If you are a budding writer I would be looking to join a writers group so that at least you will get back some qualified opinions rather than ignorant abuse.