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Bad memories

When i was in junior high school. I ever got bullying, and it's a very bad memories for me. I really want to forget it. But, i don't know how. Please can you help me?
Hi Kezia,

It is difficult to deal with painful memories when they are in our recent past. Mac is correct that some memories will fade and that you'll feel differently about them. However, there are other types of memories that are too painful and bring back the event as if it occurred yesterday. Sometimes we are able to move past these events, and sometimes we need the help of a counselor to do that.

If you feel that this is a more severe case, i.e., the bullying you experienced wounded you deeply, it may be time for you to seek out someone to help you get through it. For some kids, it's too uncomfortable to share these types of things with their parents. If that's you, I'd suggest that you make an appointment with your school guidance counselor. Explain what happened in the past and that you need help finding someone who can help you process this. Your school may know of non-profit programs in your community that specifically help teenagers with their emotions and dealing with life in general. It can't ever hurt to ask.

My child had a severe bullying incident when he was 8, and as his mom, I recognized at the time that we needed someone to help him with it. We don't go as frequently to our child psychologist as in the past, but this person has been really helpful, because he offers support without judgment. My child calls him, his "Feelings Doctor."

You came to the right online forum for support, and Mac listed some great links. I hope you check them out. Try to find the courage to seek out advice from your school guidance counselor, because he or she can connect you with a lot of people who want to help!

Hi Kezia,
Moving on from being bullied can take a long time, sometimes the memories last for ever, but how you feel about them changes as time passes and the good things in your life become more important. You will move on from this, don't worry, and you will come through a stronger and wiser person.
Here are some links to some of our forum threads that talk about dealing with negative feeling that may help you.


We are always here for you Kezia and you can always contact one of our support advisors by emailing us as [email protected]