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Back to school and Cyberbullying do you have a plan?

It' back to school time! No doubt it's both a welcoming and daunting time.You get to see old friends you haven't seen all summer. Teachers you may have missed and new courses that you may be genuinely looking forward to. But it's also a time of mourning. The summer is now fading behind us and routine sets in. It's also a time to see and hear from people we may not be looking forward to.

Some of you have mentioned on here that you are concerned about returning to school and facing individuals that have previously displayed bullying behavior towards you. Either in person and/or through digital means. With that in mind, and with the time you have spent on here discussing it, reflecting and reading the links- what strategies have you come up with to cope with cyberbullying for the school year?
Please share some of your coping skills as some newer or older members on here may really benefit!
You can also re share some of the great suggestions that have been posted on here already. This is just a great way to put them all in one place to scroll through if someone needs a quick tip.

Happy posting!
A great post!
I remember back in start of middle school, I was young and not powerful. I had a girl that always bullied me, because she was jealous to me. I was a better student than her and she always upset me by bullying me. I had a good friend that supported me, I always thank her. Old times... I never experienced cyber bullying in middle school. But at the last years of middle school I showed up as a bully, I just fought with a guy that annoyed me. Everyone got surprised from my power and the best thing was that since then nobody approached to bully me.

Now I'm on high school. There I met some nice friends. I have to admit I have experienced some mild cyber bullying cases on high school. Especially that one where my friend misunderstood me and probably he has bullied someone else. But I wasn't a target at all. And for the start of high school I'm not worried that I will experience it. On the first year of high school, somewhere on month November I started a new sport, fighting sport, karate. Everyone in my class knows about it, so they are scared to bully me anyway. So carefree, positive thinking, I'll start the high school year!

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Thanks Wanesite!

I appreciate you sharing your experience. I am so glad to hear things have improved when it comes to school bullies. Definitely best not to be one or to respond to one. Sounds like you figured that out. Which can be hard to do. But it's great that you have an activity like Karate. Though I would probably say it's less beneficial as a scare tactic and more of a fun, confidence building activity. :-)

Hopefully the new school year will go well for you this year!

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I thought making a post on the site about how did I gain confidence through the sport.
Another thing is, I told all of my friends to install ReThink keyboard, so another worry less. They won't even try to use cyberbullying.