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A stranger keeps sending me insulting abuse via Instagram message

Long story short, but a guy I didn’t know kept sending me messages on Instagram. He sent me four in a row, asking me out and deleted two when I didn’t reply. Eventually, when it became evident that he wasn’t going to relent, I replied telling him I had a boyfriend.

He then promptly began trying to follow and message one of my friends on Instagram. I couldn’t help myself and told him it was weird to do that - Instagram’s not a dating app.

He flipped and began sending me a tirade of abusive messages, calling me fat and that I needed to go to the gym. That my cheeks were chubby and it was hilarious when I smiled because it made me look fatter (he sent me a screenshot of one of my Insta posts, saying hahaha look at you). That I was stupid, his IQ was 140 and that he couldn’t believe I even got into the UK to study (my family actually emigrated to this country when I was three, so I was raised here and went to school, sixth form and uni here so it was a pretty huge, inaccurate and mildly insulting assumption to make).

And it goes on. School ground insults tbh.

Anyway, my point is.... surely this isn’t normal, right? The guy must have some pretty deep issues. It’s lucky I’m not a super insecure person, but if I was, things could’ve got really bad because of his comments! I mean, they’ve bothered me a tiny bit now because I’ve always been conscious of my chubby face. How can I take action against him? I don’t think it’s right that keyboard warriors get away with stuff like this

(Attached are some snippets of his comments. I hope the images attach properly)

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he doesn't know what he's talking about. You look really pretty! Regardless, what he said about you is just not okay.
Hi I don't know how you could report this so I don't have a solution. Just wanted to say I hear you and you're right its not normal for someone to harass you like this! I think its good to keep a record of it, but yeah as someone else has said block and move on, and stop replying. I know how hard that is though. Its like by talking to them you want to tell them to stop doing it, and you also don't want them to move on to the next person and keep doing it. But it only seems to fuel them. It was only when I stopped responding to the messages I got that they got bored and leave you (unfortunately they did move on to someone else, but i was so powerless to do anything myself at the time we couldn't prove who it was). And if they're using fake names and accounts its hard to trace them too. So not sure what action there is to take against these people unfortunately
Best to just delete and block him, forever! Honestly, there is not much you can do to stop someone being nasty, but you do not have to put up with being messaged by hm constantly. Block, delete and move on, hopefully he will do the same. x
Some people can't take rejection and I feel bad for them that they can't take 'no' as an answer. Bullying isn't always a choice, if he was rejected he better moved on with his life.