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YouTuber Hannah Witton chats to Cybersmile!


We love what you’re about, how did you get into YouTube and vlogging?

Thank you :) I got into YouTube when I found myself bored with a lot of spare time. I was already watching a lot of YouTube and I thought ‘that looks like fun, I want to do that!’ and then I just picked up a camera and started.

How did you decide to focus your channel on sex and relationship advice?

I decided to focus my channel on sex and relationships about 6 months after I started making videos. I had started to build an audience and I noticed that they were young girls. Sex education was something that I was already passionate about and I found people like Laci Green really inspiring so it made sense to be to make videos about sex.

Do you feel this has caused any problems for you online?

I find the problems are that I often get pigeon-holed; I create a lot of other types of content but some people only see me for the sex stuff. I’ve found that because I talk about sex openly online many people feel like their entitled to private information about my sex life which is obviously not the case. And I’ll occasionally get gross or sexist comments. But in the grand scheme of things, my focus on this area has really helped me develop my channel and it’s definitely been a positive thing.

Have any of these experiences made you want to switch off your computer?!

Sometimes I’ll stop reading comments but I’ll never want to switch off my computer!

How would you encourage girls to use the internet safely, any tips for staying safe?

If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t use your full name online, especially don’t use it if you’re young. Obviously, all the cliché things like don’t give out personal details. But also make use of that ‘block’ button. If someone is bullying you online just ignore and block and report.

Whats your favourite Positive quote?

My favourite quote at the moment is a lyric from The Avett Brothers who are one of my favourite bands. The quote is “decide what to be and go be it”. I find it very motivational.

If you could choose 5-10 positive songs that get you through the day, what would they be?

Finally who are your favourite people to follow on Twitter?