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Yanaira’s Story

Two years ago, I was in a group on Facebook for my favorite band. One day I posted a picture of myself as a look alike of one of the members, just to share it. Later that day when I came home, a friend sent me a message saying ‘Don’t go on the group ’cause they’re making fun of you’. I went in anyway and what I saw was so cruel and so mean. They were saying things like ugly, too skinny, making fun of my small breasts, saying I developed too slow, saying if the member of the band ever saw me he would run away far just by looking at me… It was so awful and they were tons of people saying that stuff. One post said “That’s not cool what if she sees it?” One comment said “That’s the point.”

At that point I didn’t know what to do. I was so sad and broken. Then I saw Cybersmile on Twitter and the posts helped me a lot. The site gave great advice and it saved me! I’m feeling better because of them, so I decided to delete the negativity in my life and deleted Facebook and went on with my life. It got better for me, I made great friends on Twitter and outside Twitter and my life has been great!

What I’m saying is ignore it, talk to someone about how you feel and hopefully feel better, because it does get better. You should enjoy life, explore, find yourself, take risks, make a difference to someone, help someone that is going with what you went through. Be heard, go out with your friends, find your own happiness. Ignore the haters, the only opinion that matters is yours, you’re in this life to live up to your expectations not to everyone else’s. Be happy and stay strong ’cause you can get through this – you are stronger than you think!

God put you in this world ’cause you are strong enough to live it.