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Thank you Cybersmile!

Fat, ugly, worthless and she deserves to die. These are a few of the things that I’ve not only been called in my past but I see them today especially on Facebook, Ask.FM and other social network websites. Slowly I started to believe all of these cruel words and started to do things that I highly regret and live with today. Sadly I went in to an 8 month depression and from there I lost hope in EVERYTHING. I felt so low and thought nobody cared about me, but that quickly changed because one day I stumbled across Cybersmile. I decided to give it a shot and emailed them, instantly they replied and told me that they would help me through my rough patch. Almost immediately I felt something inside of me change, with Cybersmile’s help and support I gained hope and confidence. Even though things are a little rough right now, I know that Cybersmile will always be there. If you or somebody you know are being cyberbullied don’t keep it in, contact Cybersmile! You may feel as though nobody can help or cares but trust me somebody does, you’re worth something. You have a purpose in life. Live for the future. Right now may be rough, but it WILL get better in the end. If things aren’t better then it’s not the end. Someone is out there for you. Don’t let your bullies get you down, you rise above all of them!

So keep that pretty smile on your face and remember that things will get better. #NEVERGIVEUP #KEEPONSMILING #LIVEFORTHEFUTURE #CYBERSMILE : )