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So… Sexting, What is it?

So. Sexting (no, I didn’t mean texting). What is it?

The word itself is built from two other words: sex and texting, which clarifies what it is, to have sex over regular texts. The amount of people sexting are increasing each day. But the most important question is…What are the rules? Not a single rule exists, once you hit send there’s no taking it back, the world owns it.

So why do people do it? It’s fun, hot and you kinda feel like a rebel doing it. As soon as you see a text from that person, you know whats going to happen which makes you giggle and sends a thrill up your spine. You could be sexting by the dinner table and nobody would know. The beautiful thing about sexting is that there are no limits and nothing matters. You can be rich, poor, fat, skinny, shy, confident, black, white, old young or anything you want to be. Sexting doesn’t require you to take your clothes off, to flirt or to tell your story. It’s sex without the consequences or the awkwardness.

Or is it? Once you hit send, you can never take it back. It’s out there. The other person will always have that text and he/she can do whatever he/she wants to do with it. They can use it to pressure you to do things, show it to other people or use it to bully you. Sexting is like sending regular texts when you’re drunk, it seems like a great idea at the time but might well regret it in the morning.!

I once started sexting with a guy I’ve met a couple of times and it was amazing, until I found out he was still together with his girlfriend since four years back. Not so amazing anymore, right? He had told me they split up, I was now the girl he cheated on his girlfriend with, or was I? Was it cheating even if we never kissed in real life? Still, I felt guilty and awful. That’s another thing about sexting, it’s hard to know where the line is and when you’ve crossed it. Is sexting cheating? Are you still a virgin if you’ve sexted?

Sexting lets you be as naughty as you want, makes you last for hours, doesn’t get you pregnant and distance is definately not a problem, So if you are going to go and do it, have fun with it, enjoy sex without limits and pressure…BUT! Think twice before you hit send, Who are you sending it to? Can you trust this person…forever? Are there any consequences? Make sure it won’t end up hurting you in any kind of way in the future.

Be smart, use your head before you use your genitals…Or your texting-fingers.

This post was kindly contributed by Lisa Ingels! If you would like to share your knowledge or experiences on the Cybersmile blog, please get in touch! Email [email protected]