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Sent by a stranger

Whether it’s ”Hi, beautiful…” or ”Hi, freak..” or just maybe ”Hi”, we don’t feel comfortable when a stranger suddenly contacts us.

Everybody takes it in a different way. Somebody will act immediately and bolck the person and deleting the message but others may start to talk to the stranger because of curiosity.

That’s where the problem begins… I made that mistake one day when I accepted a guy (or a girl, you can’t know) that just added me on Facebook (enough mutual friends,  I was comforting myself later) sent me a message. I was lucky that my best friend was with me then because suddenly he started to write the things that he would do to me. I was really scared and I didn’t understand why me. I have never been bullied before, not even cyber one.

So I decided to respond: ‘Why do you think I care?’. He asked: ‘Do you?’ and after I responded NO, I deleted the message. When I tried to blog that person, I couldn’t, ’cause he already blocked me.

I don’t know was he scared after my response, maybe he thought that  I would  report him or something but he never contacted me afterwards.

That was the only time I was so close to bullying and I was terrified. I was crying a lot and my friend was saying that he can’t do anything to me.

Still, you can’t feel safe when something like that happens.

We live in time when internet, social networks, TVs and cell phones took over our lives and nobody knows anymore do we control them or they are actually control us. We can get to any information very fast  but information about us and our private lives are available to everybody.

But when you are cyber-bullied, unlike being bullied in real life, you can block the person, delete messages, report him/her, unfriend him/her. The scars remain but it’s easier to back the bully off.

It’s hard but Cybersmile is amazing site for anyone who needs help with these ‘scars’. It helped me and some of my friends too. Reading other people’s stories helps us to adopt ours.

Thank you, Cybersmile, from a girl that wants to give back for the help I’ve got…

Have you been scared by messages you’ve received online? It’s important to tell an adult you trust. For advice and help from us any time, visit our Help Centre or Get In Touch.