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Jodie’s First Poem

Hiya my name is Jodie I am 14 years old. I have been through bullying through my first two years in secondary school and a few years in my primary. I got asked in lesson one day to write a poem and I couldn’t think of what to write about until I thought about what I have been through. So I got home and once I started writing I couldn’t stop. It’s my first poem but I got told it was really good so here it is:

When I was being bullied
I was pushed around
I met the ground
But still didn’t make a sound.
Sometimes one of them would nag
Saying I’m their personal punching bag
I wish I would fight back
But I was scared they would attack.
Even if I cried out loud
I still wouldn’t be found
I cent my anger growing stronger
But it wasn’t there any longer.
I would sit in the corner and cry
And ask myself why?
They would say “I’m ugly I’m fat and that is all I will ever be”.
I ask myself do they know the trouble they have caused me
I would cover up the bruises scars and hurt too
Just know I could never forgive you for what you have done and even put me through.
I had no friends
Because they had done such a good job of turning them against me
I just wished
I could have my normal life
Be wild and free.
All those memories will never fade
But it stopped as I prayed.


If you are reading this and are being bullied stand up to the bullies I did. I am still going through a bit of bullying but I wrote a status on Facebook and most of the bullying stopped. They pick on you because they think you are an easy target just keep your head up high and stand up to the bullies show your the bigger person.

From Jodie