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I Accepted a “Friend”

One day, I was checking my Facebook. There was one friend request from a person. Let’s call her Ana. So, I accepted Ana just like that, without checking her Facebook profile.

After a while, she inbox me. Saying that I’m fat, ugly and all the words that enough to make me feel so insecure. Starting from that day, I don’t feel so confident wearing outfits I like. She keeps telling me that I am fat, ugly and a whore like every single day. Yes, I do defend myself but every time she judge me, it gets under my skin. After she got bored calling me names and commenting every pictures of me “You look like a pig! Go to hell!” She started talking about my family and friends. So I think to myself, this got to stop.

What I do is, unfriend her and block her Facebook account. With the help of my friends, her account got deleted. I try to forget all the things she said by saying “I am beautiful in my own way. I don’t wake up everyday to impress anyone. I am here to live my life…” everyday in front of the mirror. After sometime, I forgot about that Ana girl.

For those of you are being cyberbullied, don’t listen to what they are saying, block them and if it get worst, seek for help. Never ever self-harm yourself. Not worth it. You are here in this world to live your life not to impress people. Ignore them. Haters gonna hate. Be happy ’cause that kills them. I hope my story will help you. Take care.