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Emily’s Story

Hello, this is my story.

It all started when I was born, something went wrong and I broke my collarbone and other things in my arm. So my left arm is 1.5 inches longer than my right. When I started in kindergarden, people found out, and from the first day in school they started to call me “monster” and lots of other really hurtful names. They started to lock me into a closet, destroyed my bike and lots of other things. I came home crying EVERY DAY and cried for hours and hours.

That went on in kindergarden and 1st grade. I moved school and everything went well, for the first couple of years. That was until it started again and people started prank calling me and saying really horrible things that i’ll never forget. In 2 years I changed my number 3 times but somehow they got the number and carried on abusing me.

In 2010, 2 years after the phone calls, people started calling me “the blonde idiot” and stuff like that for a couple of years, they thought it was funny because we were all laughing but for me it wasn’t, inside I was dying. I tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of pills but nothing happened, this made me so angry and sad because I wanted to leave so bad. I was “sick” and was out of school for months at a time.

One time some of the people that I know had used my number to order 10 taxi’s to come home to me from 11pm untill 3am, I cried so much that night and thought “why me? what have I done to them?”, and I just wanted to leave this world even more. I tried to take my life again but didn’t succeed. Around this time, to my saving One Direction was formed and I didn’t feel like dying anymore, If I died I might not get the chance to meet them, they are the reason I smile everyday.

But I started to cut myself, I have been doing that for 1 year and 6 months now and years back an eating disorder started. I still have it, I have been thinking about taking my life because of everything but I haven’t because if i’m gone I won’t meet them. If you are thinking about taking your own life, think of someone or something that makes you happy.

I know what bullying and cyberbullying has done and is doing to me. I have only told one person and that is one of my closest friends. Please do tell people, I know I need professional help with the cutting and eating disorder but still take my advice, please do tell people!

For the bullies, think before you speak because if somebody kills themselves, and you are responsible for destroying that life, will you be able to live with yourself?

Emily x

Big thank you to One Direction for making me smile everyday! xx

The picture I chose above describes how I am as a person, not to say that i’m better than anyone because i’m not! But the picture is just how I am.