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Great Charity!

I wanted to say how incredibly amazing Cybersmile are, they are 100% dedicated to what they do, especially when interacting with victims of cyberbullying through social media.

They frequently post amazing advice, and have created a very large global network of Cybersmilers on twitter who are available for a chat with anybody who is being bullied or is lonely due to being excluded. Personally I’m very lucky and haven’t ever been the victim of online bullying myself but the problem is huge and increasing very quickly. I’m very happy knowing that if I or anyone I know ever went through such a thing, we could turn to this fantastic organisation for help.

Cybersmile work in a variety of ways, for example they have an advice line which anybody can call to get really great advice. They also offer an outreach programme that liaise with children, parents, schools and the police to get the problem solved – also running counselling and workshops to those who have or are suffering online bullying.

Recently on June 21st the Foundation celebrated their first annual International Stop Cyberbullying Day with their followers on twitter by trending #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY which was a global success and was the fifth most tweeted subject on the planet!

I have been thinking about organising a fundraiser at my school, and offering my services during my summer holidays to answer the helplines as I am a great supporter of this charity. So, if you ever have any spare time on your hands and can speak to sufferers of cyberbullying, please het in contact with this outstanding organisation and volunteer to help on the helplines – I cannot encourage you enough!

To see what this charity have achieved, and what’s planned for the year ahead I really believe that Cybersmile will be one of the U.K’s leading charities helping raise awareness and rehabilitating victims of cyberbullying.

Good luck Cybersmile and Thank-You!

Georgina Hill