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My Story, I Want To Help

Hey Guys,

I finished high school last year and to say the least it was tough. I had friends but I never really felt like I fit in, this intensified when I started to struggle with depression. During last year I was exposed to some horrid cyber abuse. I was receiving anonymous messages telling me that I should kill myself and that I was ugly and fat and disgusting. It was hard, especially because I dealt with it alone, it really broke me and is still affecting me, months after the messages have stopped.

This foundation makes me want to get involved and raise awareness. As an 18 year old, I know what it’s like to feel alone and not know where to turn. I hate the thought of somebody having to go through it alone. I make weekly YouTube videos and I am hoping to start raisng some awareness that way as well as in my community.

I am reaching out to The Cybersmile Foundation because I think it is so incredibly important that being online is safe, it’s not fair that teens should have to worry about who they are, how they fit in in school and what they need to be doing with their futures and then on top of that have to worry about whether or not they are going to be safe or not online.

I want to help, anyway that I can, even it is just a little help here and there, I am behind you guys 170%. Thank you for starting something that is really going to help teenagers and young people. You guys are really inspirational.

I want to help change the way that young people and teenagers deal with cyberbullying, the way that they approach it and think about it because I would hate for anybody to go through what I have and feel like they are alone or don’t have somebody to talk to. You guys are really inspiring me to do just that and I thank you for that.

Keep up the good work and have an amazing day!

B x