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Cyberbullying Help is Around

I would like to start this by saying what an incredible cause The Cybersmile Foundation is, the way they support victims and are there for them no matter what is so amazing. I have personally experienced all different forms of bullying throughout my life, from school to workplace, and it is one of the worst things that anybody can go through. I was never considered unpopular at school but this didn’t stop bullying affecting me, with me it was more my inner circle that were the culprits. I have also experienced bullying in different jobs as I have got older, I am now 22.

Bullying comes in many forms, from mental abuse to physical, it ruins lives! Cyberbullying is a common problem today and is growing very quickly with technology growing and advancing the way that it is. I also think that cyberbullying is very cowardly, hiding behind a computer screen and abusing someone is horrible. Some of the things that you read on Twitter and Facebook today are horrific, these people are sick.

Please know that if you are a victim of cyberbullying you are not alone, there are people like myself and Cybersmile which are here to listen, do care and will help in any way we can. The best response to these cowards is no response at all! Know that you are loved and appreciated, bullies opinions are irrelevant!

Cybersmile have my full support and anything I can do to help, I will. I would love to become a future ambassador for the charity.

Jennifer McDonald