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Be The Action

I think that cyberbullying is a very important matter to deal with. Unlike before where bullying usually happens in schools or local areas, now bullies can follow you to your home and inside your home with cyberbullying.

The threats become more frequent and it’s impossible to avoid because we all need technology. It’s such a depressing issue to deal with because the internet is supposed to be a fun and educational place to be! Unfortunately, many people choose to use it for manipulating and deceiving purposes.

As the internet and social media becomes even more popular, it becomes easier to give people abuse or even use other apps like Photoshop, to alter peoples images in rude ways.

It’s just…..sad, isn’t it? The way innocent people could be bombarded with such hateful things for no apparent reason. But I don’t necessarily blame everything on the bullies. I mean, maybe there’s a reason why they’re abusive the way they are? Maybe it’s because they’re hurt too and that they just dont know how to act upon it? Maybe they grew up looking at a bad role model their whole life? Or maybe they were abused at home and they never learned how to be nice to others. There are so many “Maybe” situations on why the bullies bully.

So why don’t we also look at the “What If” situations? What if we also help bullies out and try to understand why they bully. Maybe we could find out what made them a bully and learn how to prevent it from happening to other people. Then maybe we’ll be able to help both sides of the problem. Maybe we’ll create a more positive impact and help as many people as we can. We could prevent cyberbullying from happening to future generations!

I dont think that it’s just bullies that affects us, I also think it’s how the media infuences us on how we should look or how we should be. I think that the media’s another reason why bullies bully. Bullies pick on our flaws and imperfections because they judge us the same way the media does.

This whole thing is just sad, really sad. But we can’t just sit here, mope around and do nothing about it! We can do little things to help everyone out. We could talk to those who are bullied and be their shoulder to cry on. We could make more positive remarks rather than teasing and insulting others.

We could learn to accept ourselves and not beleive everything the media wants us to be like. Because the more we accept ourselves, the less we feel hurt by what bullies tell us. There are so many little things we could do to prevent cyberbullying and make this world a better place! All we got to do is BE THE ACTION!