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Chloë-Mae’s Story

Well it all started when I was 11.. I am now 14 and live In London.

The cyber bullying still occurs like a boomerang, it’ll go away and gradually come back… When I was 11, I was a large child and always got called fat over Facebook and MSN… Anyway that slowly died down and I moved into my secondary school, I got called fat to my face this time and that hurt more, I started starving myself and I also joined a cheer squad. 6 months after that I was still starving myself and still getting called fat.

I then got diagnosed with anemia, anxiety and depression all at once. It was a lot for me to take in as I had to take 3 lots of tablets a day. One iron tablet, one anxiety tablet and one to help my depression. Anyway I lost about 3 stone and I was a bit more confident with my weight :D

All of a sudden a website came out… www.ask.fm. This is where it all began again the hate. I got told I was ugly, I got told I was fat… People sent me horrible, disgusting hate such as ‘get r***d in hell you ugly fat s**t’ or ‘drink bleach you fat w***e’ I had enough. I started self harming myself to the point that it actually became a habit. Then I started getting called an attention seeker and being told to hang myself all over this ‘ask fm’ website. I thought this website would be the end of my life.

I then deleted the website, cleaned myself up, flushed my blades and it was all going great all of a sudden. I had got a boyfriend, my family was happy, and more importantly, I was happy. Until three girls thought they would start it all again… But this time to my face. ”You’re ugly” “Go commit you selfish s**t” “You fat ugly b***h”

My boyfriend couldn’t stand it and broke up with me after we was going out for 9 months. He just left. I’m starting to believe he lead me on. I started hurting. My heart was broken and I know it’s weird because I was only 13 but, I do believe I loved him and I still do. Then it all sort of died down and stopped… People still call me fat and ugly but I’m sort of used to it now. It’s a common thing now.

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