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Catching Up With Niche HQ To Discuss Our Recent #TweetForACause Campaign


Leah Feygin is Sr. Brand Strategist at Niche, part of the Twitter family since 2015. If you are affected by any kind of cyberbullying or online abuse, follow the links to our support services throughout the article below.

Twitter has just launched their inaugural #TweetForACause campaign. Can you tell us a bit more about how the campaign was put together?

Niche spearheaded this program to provide digital creators in our network the opportunity to use their voices for causes they care about. We worked closely with the Twitter Policy team to ensure that we partnered with organizations that aligned with Twitter’s philanthropic mission to support the following causes: internet safety and education, freedom of expression and civil liberties, women and underrepresented minorities in tech, universal access and adoption, and emergency response and disaster recovery.

As part of the inaugural campaign, we selected Cybersmile, and worked with their team to develop a creative brief and strategy that informed the messaging behind the creators’ posts. We activated the campaign using the exact same process that we use with our Fortune 500 companies. The only difference is that our creators were participating in the campaign completely pro bono.

What were the aims of the campaign?

The #TweetForACause Cybersmile campaign aimed to raise awareness about how Cybersmile helps combat the growing issue of cyberbullying. Creators also encouraged their audiences to follow the @CybersmileHQ Twitter handle.

How did you get people engaged? What’s your process?

We reached out to a select group of creators in the Niche network who have expressed interest in philanthropic work and who would feel comfortable talking openly about the issue of cyberbullying with their audience. We encouraged them to interpret the Niche/Cybersmile creative brief in their own voice. The style of content ranged from uplifting content from comedian creators to a gaming-specific video from a gaming-focused creator to a beautiful image from one of our photographers.

Can you tell us more about Niche and what you do?

Niche is a creator-first platform that provides digital creators with the ability to grow, understand, and monetize their social presence across all networks. We work with creators worldwide alongside top brands to develop authentic and resonating branded content. We have been a part of the Twitter family since 2015.

What was the feedback from your creators about the campaign and the issue of negativity online?

Many creators experience cyberbullying first-hand, so the individuals that we tapped for this campaign were passionate about the cause and able to speak to the issue authentically.

What made you choose Cybersmile to launch the #TweetForACause campaign?

Niche worked with the Twitter Policy team to identify a partner that would naturally lend itself to a large-scale creator campaign. Making the Internet a safer place is one of Twitter’s key priorities, so the Niche team felt that partnering with Cybersmile was the best way for our team to do our part in addressing this issue.

As part of your Twitter For Good philanthropic efforts, do you have anything planned that you want to share?

We are currently working on identifying our next partner for #TweetForACause. We’re looking forward to taking the learnings and success from our first campaign with Cybersmile and applying that knowledge to future Niche pro bono campaigns.

Thank you Leah for sharing with us! For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do please explore the following suggestions.

What are your thoughts about the #TweetForACause campaign? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ.