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Bullied From First to Eighth Grade

I only started school in kindergarten and as soon as I started I was bullied. I was a tomboy as a little girl. My hair was slicked back, I wore faded blue jeans, normal t-shirts and I wore tennis shoes. They also made fun of me because my family was poor. By first grade they were making fun of me because of how smart I was. By third grade I was crying all the time because they wouldn’t stop making fun of me. By sixth grade I was sure everyone hated me, when I started going to the junior high it became the worst time ever for me, I was constantly made fun of and everybody was making fun of me. By the time I was in eighth grade, I had an emotional breakdown in asb and cried in the bathroom. I eventually left the junior high and joined a junior/high school. I have made new friends and haven’t been bullied since I joined.

Now I help others go through their bullying situations.