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Advice from Karla

Hi, my name is Karla, I’m 17. When I was 15 my anxiety got really bad to a point I couldn’t control it anymore so I had anxiety attacks frequently and everybody made fun of me, not only in my face but they made these memes with my face that were really rude and post it on my wall. I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, I wish I had Cybersmile back then; every time my mom asked me how was school I always answered: “fine” but it wasn’t true, so I know how difficult it can be to ask for help, especially to your parents or an adult.

But here’s the thing, one day I had a breakdown in class, and it got the teacher’s attention, she tried to talk to me but I couldn’t so we went to the principal who called my parents, that was when I finally told them. And I’m really glad I did, because I started to see a psychiatrist, who discovered I also had depression, and seeing her and taking my meds, was a lot of help.

I still feel down every now and then and I don’t like taking pills, so what’s really helpful is finding your escapes, for me is music not only upbeat music that makes you feel happy also sad music which improves your ability to control your feelings. Also books, they take you to another reality and make you forget yours, by the way there’s this amazing book who wrote Demi Lovato called “Staying strong: 365 days a year” it gives you strength and makes you want to be a better and a happier person, so I highly recommend it.

You’ll need friends as well, so if you don’t feel like talking to anybody you in real life, remember #imacybersmiler you can find a friend in me, hit me up I’m available like 90% of the time.
Twitter – @igafkarla

And remember to be #positive and fill the web with kind and lovely thoughts to make the internet a better place and free of cyberbulling.