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A different goal for the New Year

It’s well known that a lot of people set themselves new goals as a new year comes. Many see it as a fresh start to for example get fitter/healthier or get their grades up. And that is great that people work towards their goals, but maybe this year it can be a little bit different. We can start focusing on other people instead of just ourselves. Simple goals as just being polite and nice to each other helps more than you think. And we should focus more on cyberbullying, it is easy to oversee it as it does not concern you. But cyberbullying is a serious topic, and we should all pay some more attention to it and try to fight it. Many are struggling and is hurt by others cruel word, and it is our job to help them and spread positivity. We should change the use of social media, because lately it has not been used properly. We need to show the bullies that we are stronger than them, that we can stand against everything and that we can stand together as community. The bullies can and will not break us. We should help the ones in need and show them that there is still hope in humanity. Way too many lives has been lost in 2014, we should set us a goal to work together too save lives that should not be lost. We can do this, it is us against them. And we are going to win.

Sara Louise, age 14