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A Cyberbullying Poem: Troll

Poet Simon Mack wrote this piece after a close friend was subjected to online abuse. He hopes that, in some small way, it will help other victims of cyberbullying.


A breath of fresh Spring air on wispy warm skies
I sit and contemplate on Cyber’s disguise
Where those behind touch screen are brave and so loud
And shout with a fork tongue nothing to be proud.
Brutality’s intent in words spat with malice
Does the person they attack deserve evil’s chalice?
Would remarks be so forthright whilst met face to face
With those who’s sound honour they online disgrace.
No pause for a calm thought so briskly fierce typing
One you’ve clicked send there’s no time for rewriting
The act is done one poison instant posted
Your wicked intentions will not be warm toasted.
For those who receive hate I indeed sympathise
Not all who inhabit virtual realms are so wise
Ignorance is a blight of their own self creation
That drives them to comments far beyond their station.
Rise above their deeds do not take a bite
For attention and backlash is what they’ve in sight
Report their cruel actions and move onto others
With more positive notions leave trolls to the gutter.

©Mack 2014

Simon Mack // @Simonofi // Website