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Become Official School Partner for free


Become an Official School Partner for free!

In line with our policy of total inclusion we offer everybody the chance to become an Official School Partner – even without the necessary budget.

By choosing the fundraise option, as opposed to paying the premium for Official Partnership you can experience ALL the benefits of our Official Partnership in exchange for committing to a fundraising event of your choice at your school/education institution. This event can be held at any point within the 12 months. There are no minimum amounts needed to be raised, all that is required is a desire to bring together your community and raise vital funds for Cybersmile to continue our crucial work.

Some schools/colleges prefer this method as it gives them the opportunity to engage with their students, staff and parents with a positive and inclusive narrative.

Whether you choose to fundraise or pay for your Official Partnership, rest assured 100% of the money goes straight to The Cybersmile Foundation.


  • All the benefits of being an ‘Official School Partner’ without the need to pay!
  • No minimum amount to be raised, whatever you raise is enough.
  • No hidden costs or small print.
  • Enhance your bullying/cyberbullying policy.
  • Fundraising Pack to help with your fundraiser.
  • No budget needed!
  • Bring together staff, students and parents in a positive way.
  • Raise vital funds to help The Cybersmile Foundation to provide support for victims of cyberbullying and online abuse.
  • Show your commitment publicly to addressing this fast growing, devastating problem.
  • Work together to share ideas and solutions with partnering schools around the world.
  • Free 12 month partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation also included.

Contact us for further information

To find out how to become an Official School Partner for free, please contact us: [email protected]